What is Api.ai and Robotics Kit?

Now there’s no doubt about the fact that in the modern world, machines have got a great hand in our success. That’s true, isn’t it? In each and every field, the use of machines is increasing day by day. But up till this date, there are some things which machines aren’t still able to do as compared to human. Well, take the most common example, speaking. It is just science fiction till the date. But with Api.ai‘s Robotics Kit this thing have almost come to the reality point!

Thanks to the advancements in fields of robotics and technology and with the newest inventions by Api.ai, the Robotics Kit can help you redefine your robot. Your robots may finally speak with this fabulous utility by Api.ai. In short, the imaginary vision that you had for you robot speaking, and well, turn into kind of a humanoid can come true!

But before we continue discussing Robotics Kit, for all those who don’t actually know what Api.ai is, we’d just have a short introduction about it.

Robotics Kit

What is Api.ai?

Basically Api.ai is an online platform which helps its users build intelligent and smart speech-to-text interfaces for one’s devices like Mobiles, Tablets, PCs and laptops. Basically, it’s a free source program that gives its users scripts and options to have different speeches over their devices. You can get a perfect example by visiting the page for Robotics Kit.

It has got a wide range of scripts for mobile applications, Smart Homes, Robots, and lot’s more!

Now, if you guys have just finished out this paragraph, let’s just move a bit back and talk about the Robotics Kit.

How to make Robots with the Robotics Kit?

Not only does it give Robots a speech experience but it also helps it turn into a, well, something that I call, an almost-human. If you’d sign up for it, you’re going to get a bunch of things that’ll make your robot possess with so many cool things we’d never expect one to have.

The company says that this signup will give your robot a brain. Don’t have a misconception guys, it’s not like one which we have, but the robot will learn more new things as it is going to interact with the common people.

Well, overall, your system, and speech inculcation by Api.ai makes your object totally stand out of the crowd, and at this certain point, it’s personality has got a quality of entertaining it’s users while working, and that’s really awesome.

So, I’m sure this superb package namely Robotics Kit would be clear to you. Have you got a robot, sign up and reshape your limit to the weirdest (well…not actually weird) but an exceptional machine!

The Best Locations in Asia For Watersport 

When people first think of Asia many don’t automatically think of watersports in Asia. However, Asia has plentiful opportunities for the water sports enthusiast.

The first destination to consider for experiencing some hardcore water sports is Nah Trang, Vietnam. Nah Trang is already well known as the destination in Asia to experience some of the most incredible scuba diving, but this small area is also known for wakeboarding, wind surfing, kayaking, and kite surfing.

The Best Locations in Asia For Watersport 

Another destination to consider is Thailand’s Patong Beach. With some of the clearest water in the world, Patong Beach features incredible snorkeling, jet skiing, and parasailing. Patong’s crystal white sand beach is also the perfect atmosphere for swimming or just relaxing in the sun.

If you are looking for a unique adventure in water sports a destination to experience would be Palawan, Philippines. With the most diverse range of wildlife, incredible volcanic scenery, and crystal clear water lined by pristine white sand beaches, this is the perfect place for non-motorized water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

If you don’t mind closed spaces you may want to experience cave kayaking in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. With more than a thousand islands you could literally cave kayak for weeks on end without seeing the same cave twice. For a real adventure try night kayaking.

A final place to look to for an incredible water sports adventure is the Mergui Archipelago of Myanmar. Made up of 800 beautiful islands, this archipelago is ripe for sea kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Experience the beautiful coral reefs up close, or just animal watch the crab eating monkeys or Asian elephants from the comfort of your Kayak.
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